How to Spot Poker Bluffs

Poker is a game of deception where one player can act as if he is weak yet he has very strong hands or act as if he has monster cards yet he has nothing. It is a pretty good challenge…..

How to Play Middle Pocket Pairs Before Flop

Mid pocket pairs or cards ranging from 7-7 through J-J are pretty much strong poker hands but they give a lot of trouble to a lot of poker players. These cards have a good potential to win the chips on…..

How to Improve Your Poker Game

1-¬†Poker players who are just starting out tend to make a mistake by playing too many hands. One must remember that when you are a beginner, in order to stay in the game, you must stay in hands that are…..

Betting on the River in Poker

Betting on the river is a unique round. Before this round, players had the opportunity to improve his hand. Once you reach the river, the bets here are just bluffs or value bets. You cannot knock a player out and…..

C-Bet for Beginner Poker Players

Poker is not a simple game to play. It requires skill, luck but most of all wisdom. Yes, wisdom of knowing when to call, bet, raise or just fold. For players looking for a more simple game they can go…..

What is Caribbean and Crazy Pineapple Poker?

Caribbean poker is a unique variation from all the other forms of poker in that players do not bet against each other. It is an American casino game in which each individual plays against the bank. In some ways, it…..

What is Lowball Poker?

Lowball is a unique and fun variation to the standard Five Card Draw game of poker. In Lowball, the worst poker hand wins rather than the high hand. Lowball begins and operates like a standard game of Five Card Draw…..

Five Card Draw vs Texas Holdem

Five Card Draw is probably the most time proven and played game of poker. Simple and concise, it gets the job done while staying fun all the while. Although not often player in casino or tournament play, Five Card Draw…..

Texas Holdem Starting Hands

Picking your starting hands in Texas Holdem is one of the most important and potentially profitable things you can do. Here’s a guideline of some premium hands you could consider playing no matter what your position, courtesy of Phil Hellmuth’s…..

Poker Term Definitions

In this poker rules guide, we have assumed you know at least basic poker terminology. Here are some common terms you should know to be able to understand the rules for poker games.